Book Updates


Internal Exile

Think Voltaire’s Candide trying to babysit Regan from “The Exorcist.”

Lucy is a lonely, nine-year-old nightmare magnet and horror-film aficionado. Visited by shadowy figures almost every night, her dreams are becoming unbearable. To keep Lucy from sleeping on their way to a family reunion, her mother Niamh reads her a harrowing story written by her 17th-century Irish ancestor whose experiences may help Lucy reconcile her nature with her longing or leave her all alone in the dark.

It is currently with my publisher’s editor. I hope for it to come out some time around March or April.


If Trouble Must Come

Think The Truman Show meets “The Trial” by Kafka.

Each year around ten-thousand US citizens are mistakenly declared dead by the Social Security Administration. It can happen to anyone. Come follow the journey of one of their victims as they  pass through social, financial and psychological gauntlets on their way to legal resurrection.

My manuscript is currently with an editor. I will send it out to publishers around March/April.

If you’re interested in beta-reading let me know!


The Blizzard and The Sieve

I’m thinking something along the lines of “The Witcher” meets Princess Mononoke.

This one is still in the research phase. It will revolve around medieval executioner culture.


Those Who Are Invited In

Available on Amazon HERE.

Longtime partners Bernard Yates and Sofia Wren are traveling to Besimeni, a secluded fort-town on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, to visit her grandparents who are in self-imposed exile on their nearby farm. Meeting them for the first time, Bernard seeks their permission to propose to their granddaughter. The Wrens may welcome him into the family but not before they test his mettle, for they possess more sanguinary secrets of their own to disclose.

If you’ve read it, feel free to leave a review and thank you to those who already have!