I Am Querying


The Blizzard and The Sieve has gone through its last rounds of editing.  

It is querying season. Fingers crossed!

Thank you for all of your support on this journey!



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The Blizzard and The Sieve


Below is the first page of my work in progress, The Blizzard and The Sieve.

Let me know what your impressions are by going to my Contact page. Thank you.


At the end of this iteration, the ritual of redemptive violence became the wheel upon which humanity was broken, braided and ultimately buried. If they were given another chance, it’s unlikely that they would live any other way. Condemned by their nature, humans took it upon themselves to address the indignities and injustices that plagued their waking lives and haunted their innermost thoughts. In their desperation they carved meaning and morals out of the void, mercifully unaware she was wait...

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Book Updates


Internal Exile

Think Voltaire’s Candide trying to babysit Regan from “The Exorcist.”

Lucy is a lonely, nine-year-old nightmare magne...

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Internal Exile - Publication


I'm delighted to announce that my horror and historical fiction novel, "Internal Exile" has been approved for publication by All Things That Matter Press. 

Think Candide trying to babysit Regan from The Exorcist in 1600s Ireland.

If you suffer from nightmares/sleep-paralysis, are interested in Irish mythology or love historical fiction, rest assured, this one has it all.

More information is forthcoming!

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Higher Education Article


This article originally appeared in Higher Education Digest on December 7th, 2022.

Of all the pastimes available to us, reading books does not rank high on the list for many people. We live in a culture that prefers the devices in our pockets to black ink and paper. 

One reason for this development is attributable to the engrossing nature of modern technology, including AI. The other is a result of ignorance regarding the benefits of...

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Those Who Are Invited In - First Five Pages


Night Zero: Make Smooth in the Forest a Highway to Grandma’s House

Part One: Dinner and a Death Wish

“Where the hell are we, Hell?” Sofia Wren mumbled to her partner Bernard Ya...

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Dead Vibes Only

Kafka’s The Trial meets The Truman Show. 

The United States Social Security Administration (SSA) possesses a list of all living Americans in order to pay them their entitled benefits when they reach the age of sixty-five or if they have a qualified disability. Many recipients depend on these paym...

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Liminal Spaces


A liminal space is a threshold, a transitional stage of a process. Think of an empty or abandoned home, office building, street, mall, factory, rest stop, farmland, desert or wasteland. Perhaps you’re inside an abandoned train station...

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Ode To Number Twelve


I'm going to wax lyrical about a pillar of my childhood that has remained to this day. 

I devoured hours of The Twilight Zone with my eyes before my ears were ready to hear the subtle truths and sometimes bombastic declarations offered up by its cast and crew. 

I loved the black and white, the horror-stings, use of shadow, the reveals, the overracting, the monologues, costumes, everything about it. 

I think my seven-year-old self could be forgiven for believing Rod Serling wrote each episode. After I learned otherwise, there was no end in sight. I wrote down the authors' names from my favorite episodes and returned from my library with stacks of weird-fiction, horror and science-fiction. I knew I was home in The Twilight Zone...

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Those Who Are Invited In - Update


Late last week I received both the final edit and cover art for THOSE WHO ARE INVITED IN. 

Updates here will become more frequent when there is a release date.

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Here you’ll find a space to discuss THOSE WHO ARE INVITED IN, upcoming novels, thoughts, fun ideas and tangential musings. For information on upcoming press, releases and other news, please visit the News Page.

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