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Those Who Are Invited In

Published: 11/16/2022

They demanded the impossible to convince him that he could achieve the improbable. 

Longtime partners Bernard Yates and Sofia Wren are traveling to Besimeni, a quiet fort town on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, to visit her grandparents who are in self-imposed exile on their nearby farm. Meeting them for the first time, Bernard seeks their permission to propose to their granddaughter. The Wrens may welcome him into the family but not before they test his mettle, for they possess more sanguinary and otherworldly secrets of their own to disclose.

Unsettled by the townsfolk, shadowy neighbors and strange noises, Bernard quickly becomes enmeshed in Besimeni’s history and The Wren’s future. The closer they become, the further he spirals towards the truth regarding Sofia’s missing parents and clandestine technological enterprise designed for him alone. Bernard must endure their acceptance and be buried by the weight of his want or succumb to his better nature and unmake the world.