Those Who Are Invited In

Published: 11/16/2022

They demanded the impossible to convince him that he could achieve the improbable. 

Longtime partners Bernard Yates and Sofia Wren are traveling to Besimeni, a quiet fort town on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, to visit her grandparents who are in self-imposed exile on their nearby farm. Meeting them for the first time, Bernard seeks their permission to propose to their granddaughter. The Wrens may welcome...

Internal Exile

Published: 10/15/2023

Give Fear a Chance.
A twin-tale of isolation and terror, INTERNAL EXILE explores the abyss through the eyes of a nine-year-old sleep-paralysis sufferer Lucy Wren. On the eve of her first family reunion, she is once again tormented by the same three shadowy figures who have made a habit of haunting her. However, tonight there is a fourth and things are getting worse. Intent on keeping her awake during their flight, Lucy’s razor-witted mother trades her candy in exchang...